Saturday, 7 July 2007


When we were leaving Ustka it was so cold and rainy that we burdened our bags with some useless warm cloths. On our way to Wroclaw, nobody disturbed us in our train compartment - who travels back from the seaside at the beginning of the season?

Unfortunately we overslept the first part of the day. We didn't manage to come to the morning session of The International Symposium New Agora, where the star of the day was probably Zygmunt Bauman. And the topic of the day was "Religion versus civil society: The role and place of religion". The afternoon part of the session was good enough. Unfortunately, even though the participants spoke the same language, they didn't seem to understand each other. At the end some people were confused because a distinction between "church" and "religion" was blurred too often. Others were shocked that religion was too easily employed by speakers as a tool to build civil society. As a result, they had to remind each other why the state and the church had been separated.

We will come there tomorrow again :)

Besides, Wroclaw is charming as usually. When you stroll with somebody here, it is very easy to start kissing :*