Tuesday, 31 July 2007

the Pyrenees

I don´t have much time but i´ll try to write as much as I can - we´re finally in Spain, in San Sebastian! From Friday on we´ve been incredibly lucky - life´s not that bad after all ;)

On Friday we managed to get to Carcassonne, where we met an extraodinary girl - Marianne, who took care of us, hosted us in her flat and even took us to the melon festival nearby. We had really great time talking to her and her friends and looking at her crazy cat :)) We could relax for a while and feel like at home...

On Monday we left and were also really lucky - first one French guy took us to Palmier, showing us Mirepoix on the way (a marvellous place), then a Portugeese woman took us to Foix (she was also nice but we couldn´t understand a word she was saying). In Foix we wandered around a bit and 5 minutes after we got to the road, an English couple stopped - so we could relax a bit speaking English, though I started to like trying to say something in French...

Anyway, "those mad British people" took us all the way to Oloron in the mountains, where after driving for some time through some roads in the middle of nowhere, they found some accommodation for them and a nice spot for our tent :))) so we had a great night in the garden of a really nice French family, who owned the house and we even got some cake :))

In the morning they took us all the way to Pamplona, where we could walk for around 2 hours and then to San Sebastian. And here we are now, w´ve already had a bath in the sea and now we´ll go for some sightseeing :))) tomorrow we´ll try to get somewhere more South, we´ve already bought a sunscreen factor 50 :))