Friday, 20 July 2007

great days in Italy :)))

Tuesday was a marvellous day! In the morning we went to the castle hill in Ljubljana and saw the mountains. Then we found a very nice place to hitchhike (really!) and won competition with another couple also trying to get a lift to the seaside. We were really really lucky, cause our driver was an extremely nice Italian guy and first he agreed to take us to Trieste and later he suggested that we would go there for an hour and see the city and then he would take us all the way to our next stop - Padova. It was great and we were there in the afternoon. Unfortunately we had lost our address book before, so it took us lot of time to find an internet cafe and log to HC to find the phone number of the guy, who we were suppossed to meet here. But finally we've managed and even though he wasn't in Padova at the moment, he contacted us with his flatmates, who took care of us and took us to drink Spritz by the river;) They were all very interesting and nice (also Nicolas, who came back the next day), so we talked for a long time, also on Wendesday and today - I don't know if all Italians are like this, but I hope so...:))

This trip is really funny - everytime we go somewhere, we think it's one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen, untill we go to the next, even more amazing place. Padova is certainly one of the most breathtaking places in Europe. The huge square and the Basilica of Saint Antonio are really special. When we saw them, we were standing with our mouths open and couldn't believe our eyes! This place is really something extraordinary.

We've also seen a realy funny tradition of dressing up and getting drunk in public in the day of graduation :) but I don't know if i would like to go through it myself...;)

So now we're still in Padova, but in the meantime we have already seen Venice (!!). There's quite a cheap train, which goes there so we have made a one day trip and of course, we were also amazed by what we've seen. but probably I don't have to explain that - Venice is Venice, as we've heard several times, and now it's really time to go to sleep, cause tomorrow we're going to Bologna!!!!

Ah! I forgot to write, that on Tuesday I got to know, that I was granted a scholarship for 4-months studies in Copenhagen :) Hip hip hurray!


monday morning started very early for us, as we didn't really go to sleep :) I had a short nap in the park and Piotrek closed his eyes for ten minutes in the bus to the outskirts of Zagreb. I had checked the place to hitchhike before - I knew exactly were to get out (Lucko) and where to go (gas station), but I didn't remember the way and even with instructions written down it took us at least an hour of walking around through bushes and trying to find the place :(

When we got to the place we bought some cola and pineapple juice (it's actually very strange, cause we never drink it in Poland and now we do it almost every day!) and decided to ask some people if they're going to Ljubljana. And we were amazed, cause the first guy we asked said yes! He was an elderly man, who called himself a Yugoslavian living in Germany and he could speak Serbo-Croatian (I don't know if it's still politically correct to call it one language, but these were his words) some German, a bit of English and a couple of words in Polish). we were talking all the way (though it wasn't a really interesting discussion) and we were using all those languages sometimes all in one sentence :))) Anyway, he took us to the outskirts of Ljubljana, were a very nice lady told us how to get to the centre and even gave us the tickets (they look like little coins).

Ljubljana is also great! Another beautiful city, though much smaller then Zagreb, I think. We left our luggage in the hostel, took a shower and went to the city to see a girl from Hospitality Club, who contacted us before. She showed us the city and we were talking till night, I still don't know how we've managed to do this after not sleeping for soo long... Probably it was beause of the interesting conversation. So after all everything was great, we just wished it wouldn't be so hot...