Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Our trip to Brno didn't start very well, cause when we woke up on Monday after the night with a concert, exhibition and some Kirgiz theatre (Brave Festival), we really didn't feel like going anywhere. Fighthing with ourselves and the rain, we went to the road going South and luckily after half an hour a car stopped :) The driver was a Hungarian, but he spoke Czech and a bit of Polish, so we could communicate without any problems and the four hours we spent with him were really nice (Piotrek even felt so good, that he fell asleep :))). The driver took us all the way to Vyskov, very close to Brno and after waiting a while and drinking coffee at a gas station, we got a lift to Brno - the driver was really kind to take us to the centre, even though he was going to Vienna and just passing Brno.

Anyway, Brno is a really beautiful place! Smaller than Prague of course and very calm at this time of the year, but there are a lot of things to see. We went sightseeing, then relaxed in a park and in the evening we met our host from HC - Monika, an incredibly nice and helpful person, full of energy and good humour - who took us home together with to French guys, who were staying there. We were talking for several hours, it was really great!

On Tuesday Monika took a day of work and showed us the city, we've visited the castle and a very good vegetarian bar (yummy!). Then we went to a museum and later Monika took us to a medieval pub were we tasted some delicious honey wine (medovnica, I think). It was a great evening, we went also to a pub were everybody, including the bartender, was smoking grass :)

Today we'll visit some museums and go to Bratislava :)