Friday, 13 July 2007

Bratislava and Szombathely

So finally we got to Bratislava (it wasn't that easy - it was raining and after an hour we've decided to go back to the bus station... But it wasn't bad, cause buses in Czech Republic are cheap and after two hours we were in Bratislava. The city is still beautiful :) We had been here two times before and we still don't have enough of it. We stayed at a camping place in Zlate Pieski, but the weather wasn't good enough to take a bath :(( The good thing is that there's quite a lot to see in Bratislava even in the rain, and we saw some interesting exhibitions, drank home made beer in Slovak pub and finally went to a folk concert, which took place in an open-air library (I wish we had one like this where I live!).

So, today we woke up very early (for us) and took a bus to a little town or village South of Bratislava, where we waited less than half an hour for a very nice woman to stop. I don't know if she was Slovak or Hungarian, couse she spoke both languages, quite a lot of people in this region do it...Even the radio was Slovakian all the way to Gyor :) Our driver was so nice that she took us to the road going to Csorna. We got to this place with another driver and shortly afterwords we where in Szombathely. The two last drivers didn't speak any other language than Hungarian, but still we managed to exchange a couple of sentences ;))

Now we're in Szombathely somewhere in the centre I guess, cthe place looks a bit small but nice. We're sitting in an internet cafe, that we;ve found after some efforts and after a little bit of sightseeing we're going to meet our host, Beata.

Tomorrow we'll probably get going, still don't know if we should go to Zagreb or directly to Ljubljana...We'll see :)))

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