Wednesday, 15 August 2007


So, our holidays are almost finished! :(( We're still at Ecotopia, in Aljezur, but tomorrow we'll probably leave and try to get to Sevilla. Then if we're lucky we'll be on Friday in Madrid. Initially we planned to stay in Portugal till Sunday, that is, when the camp finishes, but yesterday we decided to leave. Not because of the camp, cause it's great, but we contacted Heniek, a driver, who took us from Madrid to Poland two years ago, and luckily, he's right now again in the Spanish capital! We don't want to miss this opportunity, as he may take us home very quickly, so we'll try to find him before he leaves. We'll see if we manage...

Anyway, the camp has been a really great place to relax, make friends and learn a lot. Even watching how the community resolves conflicts made me understand a lot. There have been a lot of workshops - some more and some less interesting, however the most serious enemy was actually the sun, which made us both soooo lazy, that we didn't really attend many of the workshops :(( Now I understand why people from here are known for "manana!". Even going to the seaside (around 7-8 km) was difficult, and we always told ourselves we would do it tomorrow... Finally we went there today, as there was no possibility of saying "tomorrow!" :)))

The ocean here is incredibly cold, you can freeze in it, but the view, the plants and rocks are just marvelous! When we get back home, I'll try to upload some pictures from there... Maybe we'll even be in Wroclaw in one week... That would be great cause it's quite a log way actually... Then we'll try to "round the trip up", write to the people we've met an so on... If the way back takes to much time, it might not be possible, as on the first of September we should already be in Denmark :)) Yuppie! We're going to study there for 4 months, it's gonna be great!

So today is our last evening here and the last dinner, I can't wait, cause the food here is Soooo delicious! Unfortunately it's also full of beans and cabbage so half of the camp has problems with gases and the other half with diarrhea ;))) Anyway, I'm sure we'll miss it and we'll long till the next ecotopia, which is going to be in Turkey!!!

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