Monday, 6 August 2007

Spain and Portugal :))

So we're already at Ecotopia!! Hurray! the first part of our journey (that is, getting there) is finished - and we were very lucky in the end. In San Sebastian when we were walking in the evening with our luggage (after spending some time at the beach, listening to Spanish blues and relaxing a bit), some girls invited us to their flat. It was great cause we didn't really know where to sleep and thanks to them we could relax on the sofa in the flat with at least 6 other more people - it was a funny experience, especially that we could communicate only with one girl and it was in our poor German ;))

In the morning the weather was much colder then we thought it would be, so we decided not to leave immediately, but enjoy the city for some more time. We had some nice time discovering the old part of it and around 6p.m. we went to the place that we thought would be good for hitchhiking. We had seen it only at the map, so we were a bit disappointed when we actually got there and saw that we could stand only at a pedestrian crossing, but after 10-15 minutes a nice Basque guy took us from there, so we had nothing to complain about :)) The guy took us to a gas station nearby an there we met a Polish truck river who took us to another station close to Burgos. It was already late so we slept there and in the morning woke up quite early only to discover that it was terribly cold! We put all our clothes on us, but we would have really frozen if a Brazilian hadn't taken us from there after some time. He was a very helpful and friendly person he invited us home and we talked for hours on the road, even though he spoke only Portuguese :))) Actually, form time to time it got a bit strange, cause a conversation like this needs a lot of effort and good will, and especially when there was a problem with tires and we had to spend 4 hours waiting for assistance, we got a bit impatient and tired. The driver tried really to speak comprehensibly and he used a lot of body language, so we also learned some Portuguese thanks to him, but we really couldn't understand where he intended to sleep and so on. So we ended up watching Portuguease soap operas at night in a gas station and then sleeping in his car, before he took us home in the morning and made made a really delicious brunch for us. In the afternoon we took a train to Lisboa (Ah! We were already in Portugal, around 50 km from the capital) and spend another sightseeing night there ;) The place is just marvellous, one oof the best places we've seen! Anyway, in the morning we took a boat to the other side of the river, but we made a mistake and went to a place very far away from any gas station, even there we were lucky, cause another guy took us from there directly to Aljezur!!!!! (we convinced him that its a nice place and it really is!) Have to finish now, anyway its great!

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